Product range

This is an overview of our product range. For further information, please contact our sales representative.

These are the perfect mixtures for baking yeast dough pastries, such as doughnuts, brioche, etc. Our main focus is on the flour, it being the most important ingredient in baking. Each mixture contains its very own type of flour, carefully selected to complement the respective pastry.

Sold as baking creams or in powder form, these concentrates complement our yeast dough flour selection.

Try our pizza flour, spices and pizza sauce.

This high quality product group follows latest health trends.

These ingenious products simplify baking. Make high quality breads and pastries, such as grain bread, white bread specialties, pumpkin seed bread, etc., in a flash.

High-quality ingredients for baking rolls, pretzels, rye bread and other specialties ...

Special flours for various types of confectionary dough ensure an efficient production and the highest quality.

These products are designed as glazing or frosting for tortes, cake, pastries or tarts.

Premium baking fillings, such as poppy or hazelnut mixes, make the baking process more efficient and save time, money and energy.

These products will improve shelf life and fermentation stability. Natural dairy products ensure smooth, fluffy dough and better-tasting breads and baked goods.

Baking butter and margarine are essential ingredients. Our greases have a trans fat content of less than 1%, thus fulfilling today’s stringent customer requirements and nutritional recommendations.

DIAMANT offers organic convenience foods for baking. The production of each and every one of these items is strictly regulated and subject to regular inspection by AUSTRIA BIO GARANTIE.

In combination with our Nimm Natur all-organic bread and baking mixtures, we also offer a wide selection of organic seed mixes, exclusively used in Nimm Natur products